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Society of Wine Educators’ Board of Directors

Appoints Sharron McCarthy Director Emeritus Status

New York, NY, November 24, 2012…At the Society of Wine Educators’ fall Board Meeting, the Board unanimously agree to appoint Sharron McCarthy as Director Emeritus.

The Society has granted this honor only three times previously: the first Director Emeritus was Julius Wile, who helped write the by-laws of the organization and was Treasurer for many years; William Lembeck, CSS, CWE, one of the founders of SWE, who served as Treasurer; and Hayato Kojima, CWE, who founded the Japanese branch of the Society, and continues to promote its activities in Asia.

This appointment enables the person to attend Board meetings and contribute to all issues raised.

Ms. McCarthy had numerous achievements in the three years of her tenure as President, from 2007 to 2010.  First, she expanded the Society’s presence in Asia, helping to establish branches in China and Korea.  Second, she increased awareness of the Society and its certifications, not only through public relations, but also by the presence of SWE executives at industry events. According to Mr. Lembeck, “During Sharron’s tenure, there was significant growth of interest in all three certificates, the CSW, CSS and CWE, which reinforced their credibility as a sound basis for professional jobs within the wine and spirits industry. Due to the unprecedented increase in certifications, SWE gained a new financial security.”

Third, she appointed Ed Korry as Educational Liaison, who in turn developed the Beverage Specialist certificate, which she strongly promoted. This was a ground-breaking innovation on the part of the Society, which helped broaden its horizons to include beer, sake, and non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee, tea, cider, water, and ready-to-drink beverages. This certificate has become a valuable tool for a much wider audience within the general hospitality industry.

Fourth, she oversaw a major re-write and update of the CSS Study Guide, begun under her auspices by Harriet and Bill Lembeck, and completed one year after her term ended, by Tracy Ellen Kamens. It is a very strong guide, which is comprehensive in its coverage of the field.

Before becoming President, Ms. McCarthy served as Treasurer of SWE and later as Vice President. She has been a member of the Board since 2000.

The Society looks forward to her continued contributions for many years in her new role as Director Emeritus.